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  • Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

ETPU Machine,ETPU Molding Machine&ETPU Production Process-China ETPU Machine

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etpu foam machine Fujian Polyurethane Equipment Factory

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pu foam airport chair etpu foam machine fujian polyurethane equipment factory

mixing head

>***L type mixing head, impact type high pressure mixing

>The mixing head is controlled by hydraulic sequence

unit of measurement

>***Axial Piston Pump

>Discharge handwheel *** adjustment

>The motor and the pump are connected by a magnetic shaft

>Metering pump with digital pressure gauge to control discharge pressure

Component storage and temperature regulation

>Pressurized sealed double-walled tank with visible liquid level

>Digital pressure gauge is used for pressure control and has no small alarm threshold

>Resistance heater and cooling water solenoid valve for component temperature adjustment (optional for chiller)

electrical control system

>The whole machine is controlled by PLC

>Color touch screen control panel, friendly and simple interface, can realize functions such as parameter setting, status display and pouring time

>Alarm function, sound and light alarm with text display, serious error shutdown protection

Application scope pu foam airport chair etpu foam machine Fujian Polyurethane Equipment Factory

1. Soft high-resilience foam: toys and gifts, PU balls, PU high-resilience furniture cushions, PU high-resilience motorcycle, bicycle, and car seat cushions, PU high-resilience fitness sports equipment saddles, PU dental ** *Chair backrest, PU medical headrest, PU medical bed molding mattress, PU high-rebound boxing glove liner, PU high-rebound karate liner, PU high-resilience foot guard liner, PU head guard and other products;

2. Soft and slow-rebound foam: all kinds of slow-rebound toys, slow-rebound artificial food, slow-rebound mattresses, slow-rebound pillows, slow-rebound aviation pillows, slow-rebound children’s pillows and other products;

3. Semi-rigid self-skin foaming: used in various furniture accessories, chair armrests, passenger car seat armrests, bathtub pillows, bathtub armrests, bathtub backrests, bathtub seat cushions, car steering wheels, car cushions, car interior and exterior trims , anti-collision bumpers, medical and surgical equipment mattresses, headrests, fitness equipment seat cushions, fitness equipment accessories, PU solid tires and other series;

4. Semi-rigid ghost festival foam: PU high rebound hanging ghost, high rebound hanging ghost door curtain, PU high rebound, rigid foam skeleton man, PU semi-rigid foam pumpkin, PU semi-rigid foam tombstone, high toughness handicraft , semi-rigid foam animal models and other products;

6. Soft and hard garden categories: PU flower pot ring series, environmentally friendly wood bran flower pot series, PU simulation flower and leaf series, PU simulation tree trunk series, etc.;

7. Soft and hard environmental protection buffer packaging: used in various fragile and valuable packaging products and other series;

8. Rigid filling: solar energy, water heaters, prefabricated direct-buried heating and insulation pipes, cold storage panels, cutting panels, steamed rice cars, sandwich panels, rolling shutter doors, refrigerator interlayers, freezer interlayers, rigid foam doors and windows, garage doors, fresh-keeping boxes, Insulation barrel series;

9. Rigid imitation wood foam: rigid foam door leaf, architectural decoration corner line, top line, ceiling plate, mirror frame, candlestick, wall shelf, speaker, rigid foam bathroom accessories, rigid foam lamps, lighting accessories, simulated stone Decorative board, Limei decoration board, TV background wall, hard foam shoe support, hard foam board, hard foam sculpture board, hard foam mannequins, jewelry display stand, hard foam handicrafts and other products.

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